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Potato Salad anyone?

Posted: Sun Sep 03, 2006 2:35 pm
by reborin
Ok - I'm trying to make a REALLY great potato salad. Mine (recipe blelow) came out too sweet and mustardy. I guess if I used actual measurements that might help lol... anyway, if anyone has any really good recipes for pot sal., be a pal and post them up for me!

*8-10 med/small potatoes (not new pots, just idahos) slow cooked
*3 hard boiled eggs (optional of course)
*1 roasted pepper or about half a bag of frozen tri-colored peppers, roasted
*1/2 large onion or 1 med/small onion chopped fine (small dice)
*About 1 heaping Tbs of garlic granules (I like these better than fresh because it blends better)
*1 Tbs Tumeric ('d reduce this next time to about 1 tsp)
*2Tbs sugar (maybe less of this too - like 1Tbs)
*1 good dollup (2-3 Tbs?) of red wine vinegar
*1 tsp salt (something like sea salt w/a strong flabor is better)
*Optional - I added some seaweed spice, which is not salty but adds something - special lol.
*1 TBS dijon mustard
*24 oz mayo (or vego or whatever - I used 1 whole jar of organic mayo)
*1-2 stalks of celery (depending how much you like celery, of course), diced fine

I think that is all I used. I don't like pickles, so didn't add any pickles or pickle juice, but that's a possibility too...I think it's endless how many varities there are of pot sal. So...anyone up for sharing?